Consulting Services

Since 2000, MomsTEAM Institute has been providing consulting services to sports parents (1 on 1 or groups), schools, leagues, and clubs, on a wide variety of youth sports topics, including: 

  • Establishing a youth sports organization, including the process of organizing a non-profit corporation (filing Articles of Organization, creating bylaws, selecting a Board of Directors), and filing for 501(c)(3) status with the Internal Revenue Service,
  • Fundraising (registration as public charities, etc.);
  • Governance issues  (e.g. term limits, transparency, board training, financial controls, communicating with parents, coaching training and evaluations, etc.)
  • Implementing best health and safety practices (e.g. SmartTeams™);
  • Developing a comprehensive concussion risk management program based on MTI's critically acclaimed Six Pillars™ approach;
  • Marketing and community outreach;
  • Communicating among and between parents, players, coaches, administrators, officials, and health care professionals.
  • Legal liability of individuals/programs/schools for failure to follow best safety practices (e.g. personal injury tort claims)

If you are interested in retaining MomsTEAM Institute for any of these services, please contact Executive Director, Brooke de Lench at